Garage Sale

I’m having a clear out of the computer junk (and other junk) I’ve collected over the past year or so. The first thing to get put up on Ebay is a pair of Linksys WPC11 wireless cards. I used to use them before thinkpads came with wireless built in. I used one of them on a web server that was located under the stairs and connected to the wireless network…ah that brings back memories of when I had time to do geeky things that was 2BL (before lainey!)

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The next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones. This week will involve spending 3 days down in Bedfont Lakes, the following week we’re off to Spain visiting family and then when we get back I’m off to Sweden (again) for two weeks.

So it’ll be a real chance to test out the principals of Mobility.

Voice added to ICT

voice was added today as a plug-in to IBM community tools (ICT). So now we have a SKYPE style tool for communicating with other IBMers. I’ve mailed the link out to a few of the guys so we’ll give them a day or so to get it installed and we’ll give it a whirl.

New Printer

Our new printer turned up yesterday, a Canon IP3000, it’s still in the box which isn’t like me. But I’ll set it up as soon as I get time, I’ll have to figure out the whole printer sharing thing again.

Business Week

Interesting US and European slants on the news, I’ve been reading a lot of european news papers obviously based in europe and they frequently talk about how Airbus and how well it’s doing and how badly Boeing is doing. But I’ve just been reading an electronic version of Business week using zinio, and it’s being talking about how bad Airbus is doing….who do we believe..the US jurno’s or European Jurno’s?

catch up

Works been a tad busy recently so it’s taking up even more time, leaving less time to do some other stuff.

My SPV has gone back to HTC as the green handset button has stopped working, not sure if that’s a common failure or because my phones get a real work out. I’ve opted for the 28 quid ‘total makeover’ too, so I should get back a spanking new c500 without any scratches or dust under the screen.

New car update, driven to and from Norwich and Cambridge this weekend in the new car. It’s great, it’s got loads of cool features and is well thought out. Can’t get enough of it right now..sorry if that sounds a bit dull.