Busy Week

Back home at the weekend it’s been a busy week as we’re negotiating a contract clause with a partner. It was down to London Thursday and then over to Paris Thursday evening via Eurostar and then a BA flight back to Manchester on Friday evening.

Friday was just too hectic, a partner kick off meeting for 3 hours, followed by some prep on the contract negotiation then straight into an hour conf call with the Global team and the straight into a 55 minute meeting with another Telco before hoping on the shuttle to CDG.

Glad to be home.

New Microwave

Slightly off topic maybe, but it’s a smart oven nonetheless. It’s got a barcode reader on it and it can read the cooking instructions from the food itself and work out what program is required.

Can’t wait to see the barcode genetically grown in to potatoes and we’ll be away.

The serious side to this is the design. Samsung is making some really cool products and this microwave stood out a mile from the other silver boxes. Even though it was 25% more than the other boxes we just had to have this one.

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in the office

Back at work today.

Hundreds of emails which took me all day to plough through.

Managed to catch up on bloglines too.

Now I’m feeling a bit more connected and in-touch since the christmas break.

I’ve been thinking about a blog overhaul, I’m still making notes, but you may see some changes here over the next few weeks.