IBM set to snap up network management vendor

A tip off from a friend made me check my Google alerts this morning to find this;

The company said it planned to add Micromuse’s technology to its
line-up of Tivoli management software to help companies better manage
services such as videoconferencing for remote workers or streamed music
for cell phone customers

Great news, we’ve been looking at Micromuse and I’d had a couple of meetings with them. [via]

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KPN, Oxxio, IBM in wireless energy deal

KPN, Oxxio, and IBM said they will work together to provide wireless energy meters that can be read remotely. In a news release Monday, the three companies said that all of
Oxxio’s 570,000 energy customers will be fitted with a digital meter at
home which will automatically transmit information about gas and
electricity consumption to a central computer. KPN will be providing network connections, while IBM will be providing the information technology infrastructure, they said. The datacommunications contract between KPN and IBM will be for two years, with an option to extend for another five years.

When this deal hit my desk months back it was obvious it was something interesting. It’s good to see deals like this make the news. [via]


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IBM employees play with podcasting

What do you
get when you hand 320,000 employees the tools and corporate podcasting
guidelines to internally publish their audio creations? In IBM Corp.’s
experience, lower phone bills and better, more informal internal

Lower phone bills are surely a by product, the increased sharing of key information is the most important element of this story in ITWorld.

There are still an awfull lot of people who don’t know what a podcast is, but it’s a positive message that it’s being imbraced.

I’ve subscribed to the Telcom’s podcast channel, so I get all the Telecom industry conf calls that get recorded in MP3 and other shows.

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End of the week

Another interesting week in purchased telecoms comes to a close. We’ve got a few big deals going on right now and it’s interesting watching them close out and our partners compete for the business. I’ve done a little coaching to help our partners understand what IBM wants from them. I’m starting to see what’s going to be  the growing requirement within the business to business connectivity market and how that technology will disrupt the current market place.


I’ve been down in IBM Warwick today and I’m back there tomorrow. I’m spending some time with my boss on what we can do to make a leap forward in terms of efficiencies and cost savings. Interesting stuff and all ways my favourite thing. I’ve been specifically looking how Ethernet as a WAN technology disrupts our current delivery model. The concept of VPLS breaking the current understanding of how a WAN works and how that can be used to virtualise services.

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IBM Slows down light

IBM has created a chip that can slow down light, the latest advance in an industrywide effort to develop computers that will use only a fraction of the energy of today’s machines.

The chip, called a photonic silicon waveguide, is a piece of silicon dotted with arrays of tiny holes. Scattered systematically by the holes, light shown on the chip slows down to 1/300th of its ordinary speed of 186,000 miles per second [Via]

amazing. Maybe they’ll have to change the physic’s text books now, from light travels at 186,000mph to light can travel any speed upto 186,000mph.

UPDATE: My wife ( a physicist) tells me this isn’t exactly big news or really that ground breaking, just pass it through water or glass that will slow it down too…So I just crawl back to my damp dark whole.