ThinkPad explodes at LAX, ignites bomb scare

which was quoted to be an IBM, not a Lenovo

This isn’t good news, and it was an IBM thinkpad and not a Lenevo version. Not sure what that means as they are all made in the same factory, with the same parts. It doesn’t stake exactly which model it is, but it looks like a T series. I’ll check out the internal alerts tomorrow, I’m sure there’ll be a few. I have a X40 by the way. [via]


The TAP, Technology Adoption Programme, it’s for early adopters within IBM has launched another tool called Scout. It’s for managers, to help them with the deluge of email. Being a Manager it can get a bit nuts at times all the computer generated mail that you get telling to check peoples this and update peoples that. According to the TAP email, Scout sorts these mails out and puts the associated action into your calendar automagically ..fantastic. I’ll be giving this a twirl very soon.

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Employee/Manager Advisory Council

I’ve been selected to join the Employee/Manager Advisory Council within IBM.

IBM Learning is forming a new Employee/Manager Advisory Council to help guide and shape career development resources. We want to give you a voice in how career development resources are designed and deployed and to make sure that while IBM continues to meet its business objectives, IBMers also have a place to grow. We contacted IBM Learning Leaders from around the world and asked then to nominate candidates for the Council. We want to ensure we have a representative sample of IBMers from all across the globe, and from all Business Units. Team members within each Business Unit and Geography collected names, summarized them, and forwarded them to the Learning Leaders. You are part of a very elite group!

I’m looking forward to getting involved as much as I can. I’ve been critical recently of the career develoment programmes within IBM, but that has restored a little faith that IBM is trying to grow it’s business based upon it’s most important asset, it’s people.

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IBM upgrades Sametime client to work with Microsoft software

The company said that with Sametime 7.5 users will be able to launch real-time communication sessions from within Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client. The company also announced support for RIM, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices.

We’ve had various Sametime clients within IBM for a few years now each with different amounts of functionality, but support for Nokia sounds interesting. That’s assuming my N70 comes back from hell. [via]

IBM: The ‘next big thing’ no longer exists

“If you’re looking for the next big thing, stop looking. There’s no such thing as the next big thing,” Nicholas Donofrio said.

I read this and thought of the old quote “everything that can be invented has been invented” and low and behold the comments had this..

In 1899, then Patent Commissioner, Charles H. Duell reportedly announced that “everything that can be invented has been invented.” Obviously, he waswrong as is Mr. Donofrio.

I think Nick has made a statement and I’m sure he may well come to regret those words. Don says it does, just that it doesn’t look big to IBM and I have to agree with him. [via]

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Class-Action Suit Expanded Against IBM

Attorneys for plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit against International Business Machines Corp. seeking overtime pay announced that the suit has expanded to include state claims in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

IBM seems to be under a little bit more scrutiny from the US workers than they have ever been. [via]