Frankfurt, Germany

off to Frankfurt for a couple of days tomorrow lunch time. We’ve got our quarterly alliance meeting with AT&T covering the quarters operational issues and issues specific to Germany this quarter, hence the trip to Frankfurt.

Flying Lufthansa out of Manchester, not flown with them before, so it’s another carrier I can tick off the list.

is IBM in the Network business?


I saw this question, or a version of it, in an email today, we’re trying to renew a large contract and somebody had written that ‘networking wasn’t a core competency’

This drove me a little nuts, sure Networking is a core competency, how else do they think all the servers talk to each other?

Networking is a bit like Electricity, when it’s working it get’s taken for granted, when it stops people go nuts as they can’t do anything.

Anyway, yes we’re in the network business, we’re not going to build our own network like we did before and then sold to AT&T in 1999, but we’re in the network game for sure.


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back travelling

The traveling is starting to pick up again, this week has seen a day trip to Dublin and today and tomorrow in London and then Paris Monday. I always love the 4am start on a Monday to catch the 6am flight to CDG.

I keep meaning to write up more of the travel stuff. I spend enough time standing around in airports and now that I have a new SPV M3100, there’s no excuse.


I was just reading on our internal blogs about our customers being able to use IBM’s sametime instant message platform to talk to the IBMers supporting thier account using this instant messaging.

That’s pretty cool, I’ve allways had the feeling that sametime (ST) was too much of a walled garden and that it needed to be opened up the same way we can get email from anywhere too…

..great news.

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Pressure is on NTL/Virgin Mobile

With today’s news of TDC’s earnings from it’s involvement in EasyMobile being only £12.8m and Keith McMahon’s prediction that MVNO’s are going to get squeezed out of the Market, it’s going to be a tough start for NTL/Virgin.
I don’t think the name of the new business has been announced yet, but the new business is currently going through a rebranding excercise,”Virgin:Connect” that’s my guess at what the new company will be called. But both Virgin and NTL have suffered poor customer relationships over the recent years and I’m not sure a name change will shed the poor reputation overnight.

It’s getting tougher in the mobile space week by week, but it looks like NTL paid way too much for Virgin mobile at $1.62bn.

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