Sharing information within an enterprise has a great post on making yourself useful, the first tip is ‘share what you know’. This is one of the biggest problems within large organisations, you find one person who knows how everything works, he or she knows lots of useful information but thinks that by keeping it to themsleves is the best approach.

I agree with the lifehack post, share the information, put it somewhere where others can find it. Be the person that finds out how stuff works and docuement it quickly and post it somewhere safe. You’ll be know as the person that get’s stuff done and helps others to get stuff done. Those are the qualities of the people you want in your organisation.

The way in which information is shared within organisation is still an interesting issue, locked away teamrooms in lotus notes and shared drives are just of the, in my view, ineffiecient ways of sharing information. But how you share is a topic of it’s own, but for now, share everything.

thoughts on conversations with the manufacturer

Having recently taken part in the beta testing of the new S60 Jaiku client I’d realised how easy it was for us, the beta testers to have a conversation with the developers or manufacturer of that product.

They read your emails, they respond to posts on the group hub and also read your jaiku’s too. They have built a real community of users and have a transparent conversation with those users.

The reason I’d be thinking about this was, I have a few Ralph Lauren polo shirts I wear knocking around the house. Now the label on the inside some times rubs and scratches, nothing huge just a a little irritating. Well in my beta tester mode I immediately thought I’d strike up a conversation with them and let them know how they could improve (in my view) their product, but where?

I just don’t know where to start with companies who haven’t embraced or understood the power of the open or naked as Scoble calls them, conversations. Sure RL has a form that you can fill out, but there’s no blog and certainly no twittering (or jaikuing for that matter) from them.

I’ve filled the form out so we’ll see what response I get from them and I’ll post what they say. But it’s time that every company that cares about it’s users has some form of communicating easily with us.

It’s a bit of a one way street right now, we’re being advertised at by these manufacturers, they are reading what we like and don’t, so that we can be targeted at with products that they want to sell us.

Where can we have the conversation with them on what we want and how we want them to improve their stuff?

Sourcing Wiki

I’ve now been with Orange Business Services for nearly 8 weeks and it’s been an exciting time, we’ve got some interesting projects and the organisation is taking some time to get to grips with as it does within any global Enterprise. However, I’m continuing to be impressed by our Senior VP, my bosses boss and his vision for the sourcing team.

What I’ve found so far is that within Orange, which has it’s roots in the telco world as opposed to the IT world like IBM, is a late arrival to the some of online collaborative working tools such as wiki’s and blog’s within an Enterprise. I think it’ll be a long time before a Facebook style directory will be embraced, much to JP’s disgust.

However, our SVP want’s to implement a wiki for the sourcing community within Orange. Being the new guy I didn’t volunteer straight away I waited a week or so and then dropped our SVP an email asking how he was getting on with the wiki and volunteering if he hadn’t found anyone.

From what I can tell nobody else had put their hand up, which is fair enough the team is made up of professional buyers and legal experts all exceptional at what they do.  So I’m at the stage of building a proof of concept within the Orange infrastructure and building a plan for hosting it and the associated budget to have it managed correctly,  no under the desk server this time.

I’m really excited by this as it’s some techie stuff that I get to play with and setup but will show that our sourcing team is progressive and embraces new tools to further improve the functioning of the Global sourcing team.

So I’ll let you know once the wiki is up and running with some of the pitfalls and tips that I experienced during the project of setting up a wiki within an Enterprise.