One Bag – Travelling light

My bag obsession continues a pace and I’ve picked up a Patagonia MLC. There’s a review of the MLC in action at Patagonia’s own blog, the cleanest lines here

I’ve been using the two bags of late and have been forced to check my luggage in more and more frequently. Having an understanding of six sigma and knowing that 99% success rate of bag delivery still means millions will go missing, has prompted me to change my travel solution.

I’ve been reading up on and getting some tips and I’m sure it’ll be a success. The MLC doesn’t get a great review on onebag but does get a mention which is good.

I’ve so far never lost or had a bag delayed while travelling, even when doing multi-hop trips, but I’m convinced it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. The other benefit is getting to the front of those taxi queues, Dublin and Copenhagen are both particularly bad, so a jump on the rest of the business travels can make a difference.

One day I’ll write up all the travel tips I’ve picked up..maybe I should start now…a tip I learnt in Dublin is if you are in a real rush, don’t go to the taxi queue at arrivals, drop down a level to departures and grab a cab off someone who’s just been dropped off. Frequently a driver will be happy to take the fare as it means they haven’t got to join a long queue back up at arrivals. Another tip, get the RER out to CDG, Paris taxi’s hate going out to CDG especially at rush hour, the RER costs 12 Euro’s, the Taxi can cost 70 Euro’s and be slower.

PS. my MLC is a more discreet and business-like black, but that green is nice

PPS I wrote this in 2008 and it got stuck in the Drafts folder

3 thoughts on “One Bag – Travelling light

  1. Hi Rob: We read your post and are wondering what you leave out of your luggage so it doesn’t have to be checked? Is it shoes, that extra sweater? What about toiletries and shaving gear?

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  3. Hi Travel Reads:

    It all depends on the length of the trip, if it’s an overnighter, I’ll carry a pair of dark jeans and a clean shirt and a small wash bag, that’s it. Two night’s and I’ll add another shirt that’s about it. I’ll just take one pair of shoes, but make sure everything matches in terms of colours, jacket, jeans, shirts, belt, shoes all mix and match.

    I usually travel with an approved limit for flying wash bag, so all less than 1ltr, and I’m lucky I can get away without shaving for two days, so leave that gear behind, use the hotel shampoo and you can ditch some of that too.

    I know some people travel with a 4 gang plug to connect all chargers etc up, but I’ve switched to USB charging cables so charge up off the laptop, so 1 plug and cable and that’s it, to charge the 2 mobile’s, mifi and camera.

    Paper, ditch the paper, I switch to a small moleskine notebook when travelling the pocket size, leaving the larger one at home. You see some people opening a huge rucksack and it’s half full of paper, why?.. weighs a tonne, you surely can’t read it all or need that much.

    Any other tips you want to share Travel Reads?

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