Twitter microposts for 2010-04-06

  • Today is the day to buy Joy Division Oven Gloves by Half Man Half Biscuit (iTunes) #save6music.. the wife and I just bought a copy each. #
  • Have written and got a reply from my MP re #debill, will write again linking to @jobsworth blog posts on the subject too #
  • #save6music more on why half Man Half Biscuit #
  • @barneyc Christine Russell, Chester two pages, file sharing is illegal, powers already in place (terrorism laws I guess) not very convincing #
  • blogged: my first email to my MP #debill #
  • blogged: My second email to my MP #debill #
  • Why I’m Returning My Apple iPad ($AAPL) via Social Times #
  • Just bought the Guardian, anti #debill advert is quarter of a page, pro #debill advert is an entire page #
  • A photo of the Anti #debill advert #
  • A photo of the pro #debill advert #
  • A close up of who is behind the pro #debill advert #
  • #debill in the letters section of the Guardian #
  • @brindy @solobasssteve just twitpic’d’s the “creative coalition campaign” BECTU, Equity, Musicians Union, Unite Union and Writers Guild #
  • the people behind today’s pro #debill advert #
  • the CCC ask people to write to support the bill, just asked the office of my MP if any one has written to support it. #
  • @sammachin it says “The coalition is chaired by Christine Payne, General Secretary of Equity.” and logo’s of other ‘unions’ #
  • MP’s office confirms people have written in support of the #debill #
  • #debill up now, live on BBC parliament #
  • Ben Bradshaw trying to push it through wash up #
  • Tom Watson raises the 20k emails and paper adverts #
  • Brian Binley MP, not only isp’s have to police it, but pay too #debill #
  • Just spotted my MP, she’s just crept in, wasn’t there 5 mins ago #
  • @andypiper it’s a warranty replacement less than 12 months old, can’t be repaired so has to be replaced, were you prepared to pay Apple? #
  • So MP’s band MP4 plays copyright material, and they smile and chuckle #
  • @rossjones yes can be revisited after election, but a chance will take long time #
  • @cragnet sometimes happens, just put it into the background and leave it, a pain if you need app urgently, but works #
  • @solobasssteve try that has a record of who voted how many times and other good facts #

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My second email to my MP #debill

To the office of Christine Russell MP,

Hello Anna,

I received my letter from Christine Russell MP, but I think it show’s that the concept of stealing digital media is miss-understood and that the bill focuses on protecting the “rightsholder”, which is wrong.

Can I also point out ‘file sharing’ isn’t illegal, many corporations use it to distribute large software updates for example.

So, I’d like to point out a couple of great blog posts, which explain more eloquently than I can the real issue at hand.

If you’ve already read them, then I apologise for duplication.

To quote JP Rangaswami

Think about this. If internet copying was really stealing, then there would be an active disincentive to produce digital works. Yet, in the apparent heyday of internet copying, every form of digital publishing is on the rise. There are more books being written and published, more films made, more albums released. Why would this be?

If you have time to read just one, (this is taken very seriously so a lot of detail and work has gone into these posts, written by people who don’t just to this as a ‘job’ but passionately care..) then read this one…

Link to JP’s blog Post:

a comment on the above post from Drew Buddie;

Another powerfully written piece which cements still further in my head just HOW WRONG this bill is. Every MP in the country should be made to read your recent posts before voting on this abomination of a bill. If the bill comes in I will no longer purchase ANY items it covers, preferring to do without and spend my hard earned on other things instead.

Other to read that also convey the same message..the UK is being compared to countries like China.

Link to JP’s blog post:

Link to Question Copyright:

Link to Derek Bryant’s post:

And Kevin Marks post:

One MP has already publicly opposed the bill, Dr Evan Harris of the Lib Dems, a twitter user so some understanding of digital media and modern day Digital Britain (@DrEvanHarris)

Thanks again for you time, I hope Christine represents her constituents and opposes the #debill too.

Dr Rob Evans.

My email to my MP #debill

Dear Christine

Please don’t rush through a bill that is ill conceived. It show’s a total lack of understanding of the situation and a complete lack of backbone when it comes to dealing with the media Industry.

They need to find a new business model and focus on attacking their business partners. We buy the media, we use the media and now we’ve changed the way we use media, take Spotify as a example and they want to attack people in a completely unfair manner.

So I’m writing to you today because I’m very worried that the Government is planning to rush the Digital Economy Bill into law without a full Parliamentary debate.

The law is controversial and contains many measures that concern me. The controversial Bill deserves proper scrutiny so please don’t let the government rush it through. Many people think it will damage schools and businesses as well as innocent people who rely on the internet because it will allow the Government to disconnect people it suspects of copyright infringement.

Industry experts, internet service providers (like Talk Talk and BT) and huge internet companies like Google and Yahoo are all opposing the bill – yet the Government seems intent on forcing it through without a real debate.

As a constituent I am writing to you today to ask you to do all you can to ensure the Government doesn’t just rush the bill through and deny us our democratic right to scrutiny and debate.

Please listen to the people who you represent not the media moguls loosing a grip on their business models based from a bygone era.


Dr Rob Evans

UK Parliament Disclaimer:
This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail.

Twitter microposts for 2010-04-05

  • At underwater street in Liverpool #
  • so Apple sold 300K iPads, I thought the hype machine had said it was 700K … the device needs a computer & iTunes to set up, that’s crap #
  • @rossjones it’s the closed AOL, sorry apple world that I don’t want. same reason I won’t buy a jesus phone. had a Nokia Internet tablet.cont #
  • @rossjones ..and did’t like it, diff to iPad, but not a fan of single use devices. #
  • @cragnet yep, my point is if a school buys 1 for each pupil it’s going to need to connect each one to a computer before they can be used #
  • no wonder Steve Jobs always looks so smug, he came up with a plan based on gulibility 13 years ago and we’re still falling for it today #
  • @BenedictEvans I don’t disagree, what SJ did business wise was awesome, but we fall 4 the pricing model, same upgrade model time after time #
  • @Ratkat an android device would work ok without a Google account, an exchange account would work for most things, mail, cal, contacts #
  • @Ratkat @frontieruk @robevans I’m more interested in how I can control a devices, rather someone else #
  • @Ratkat ok fair point, but you could have a gmail account just to take advantage of those services but not rely solely on Google #
  • @gerrymoth thinking same for Twitter feed remove all mentions of iPad until hype dies down #
  • @frontieruk @robevans @Ratkat you do not own an iPhone you merely rent it. #
  • @frontieruk @Ratkat they have a plan to fix the segmentation, key app updates via the app market, simple. #
  • @simon180 so will iPhone 4.0 get all the suspected updates in one go, front facing camera, multi-tasking, new processor? #

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Android WordPress app

Posting this on the WordPress app for Android. turned portrait, the Desire could make mobile blogging very easy. Thumb typing is quick and easy and the spelling is quickly corrected by the software. So if you get a chance check out the WordPress app for Android it’s very slick, comments can be approved posts edited and new ones posted, quality.

First impressions of the HTC Desire

This isn’t going to be a full review, don’t have the time, so just a few observations..

The web is fast, with WiFi access and the 1ghz process web pages render as fast as any device I’ve seen. The web Browser is good, pinch to zoom in or out, hold it on the screen and you get a magnifying glass. The address bar vanishes to save space and pages scroll quickly and smoothly.

Battery is good, I used it a lot for reading feeds, twitter etc, took a photo or two and had a 10 min phone conversation, push email on all the time, as was wi-fi at the end of the day still 50% left, so it’d easily last a heavy use day on a single charge.

Ram, there’s way more ram on the Desire than the Hero, Taskiller shows about 100mb or so, when all apps are stoped, on the Desire, it’s over 200mb.

Optical scroll wheel, it’s going to take a little while to get used to, the old track ball was more accurate in moving the cursor around in text.

The camera is way better than the Hero, it too is 5mp but it’s way clearer and now video is 30fps nearer DVD quality than the jumpy 15fps of the Hero.

Friend Stream replaces the updates within the people app, which is OK, but I liked finding out when I went to call someone that they’d updated something before I called them, rather than via a separate app. Having used Peep yet, as still using Twidroid pro, so don’t know if it’s improved or not.

Live Wallpapers are a bit of a gimmick, they don’t add much, but eat battery I’m sure, maybe we’ll see more useful wallpapers sometime soon.

There’s a find people app, which is a little rvedundant, a news app which is nice but not as good as some of the 3rd party apps. Gallery or was it Albums,  is now call photo’s, so it’s moved from near top of the apps list to somewhere else. Gtalk is not just talk, only a minor change, but you think is it the old Gtalk or a new IM app.

The settings app first page has changes and it took me a few mins to find a few things, notably you can’t change the lock screen which is a shame.

The other differences to the Hero is the slight change in the layout of the physical keys at the bottom and pressing down and holding power key at the top of the phone is now needed to select vibration setting for example. Either holding down the Home key or pinches brings up the card view of all screens, which allows you to jump to anyone quickly.

The other thing I found you couldn’t do was disable HTC Sence and take a look at the underlying Google OS. On the Hero, you go into Applications, remove default and force closure, a press of the home key then brought you the option, Sense or Andriod,, which is a shame.

So far very pleased with it, I have an unbranded version, so fingers crossed I’ll get any future updates asap without waiting for the carrier approved update.

And like the last Android device I had, I haven’t had to connect it to a computer at all.

so the iPad needs a computer, bad move

So last week I posted that the iPad could become the device of choice for educational establishments. Now that the iPad is out, there’s been plenty of guides as to how to set up the iPad and it requires a computer. So for the iPad to succeed as a text book replacement whoever get’s one has to already have a computer to set it up or the educational establishment has to set them all up.

Maybe there’ll be some group set up function by Apple, or over the air configuration to prevent them all from having to be connected individually.  Anyway, the reviews seem to be positive, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Twitter microposts for 2010-04-02

  • Playing with my new HTC Desire #
  • @gerrymoth it’s amazing how something so good can fall so far so quickly #
  • Desire just did first OTA upgrade ..painless #
  • @paulmmcdougall Friday April 16th according to HTC #
  • @gerrymoth yep …good idea #
  • @cragnet for sure will bring it, the work e71 is getting harder and harder to use after using sense #
  • My HTC Desire is an unbranded version, and I’m guessing unlocked too. #
  • @smartphoneblog yep just did it. I think it’s on HTC’s web site for more info #

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