Twitter microposts for 2010-04-15

  • Watching the #debate #
  • Ah the tag is #leadersdebate #
  • #leadersdebate all looking a bit plasticky, set and candidates. Strange clicking noise and it’s not a debate yet. Staged questions #
  • @rossjones will check it out, how did ignite go? #
  • @JasonBradbury it’s probably more, as often hushed by head to prevent bad press #
  • @rossjones cool #

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Twitter microposts for 2010-04-13

  • Watching the video at #
  • Three new devices C3 C6 and E5 #everyoneconnect #
  • Nokia: via @addthis #
  • #everyoneconnect pressroom for all the info is here #
  • #everyoneconnect the 3D experience is a bit hit and miss, you way an image infront of a webcam and the phone appears and you can rotate it #
  • RT @stuartgibson: Seriously, though. The West Wing is probably some of the best television made in the last twenty years. I agree 100% #
  • not a mention of Nokia’s three new phones on Techmeme #
  • Just bought #wonders on DVD #

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Twitter microposts for 2010-04-12

  • Look what just turned up..Daniel Suarez’s latest book..Freedom.. #
  • I got an invite to a Nokia Virtual event, April 13th 9am, everyone connect intriguing #
  • @sevendotzero couldn’t get the site to work..what does it give you? a twitpic? #
  • @cragnet doubt it but, they would gain most rather than HTC buying it #
  • @phil0446 great isn’t it, upgraded mine last week, I’m over the moon with it, so quick. #

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Twitter microposts for 2010-04-10

  • My conservative candidate wrote “Online piracy is a rapidly growing problem for our creative industries” could have guessed that outcome #
  • @juliankimmings that’s illegal now though ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • my HTC Hero has been given to the wife to try, replacing her trusty N95-1, Android so far has been testing for her, the freedom is new #
  • @juliankimmings it’s a crazy messed up sh1t, that’s for sure, iPods had huge impact on music, now on dodgy ground legally thanks to #deact #
  • is now off to play in the Sun, 17 degress in the garden here in Chester already #
  • Stars Wars Trilogy turned up this morning, within 5 mins eldest (6) said is Darth Vader Luke’s Dad & Leia his sister?..took me years! #
  • @_AdamSaunders my wife went Nokia, SE, Blackberry (1 month) back to Nokia now Android, hope it lasts more than a month! #
  • @rossjones I’m feeling smug, I cut the grass last weekend… #
  • right…I was off…ttfn #
  • @cragnet ahem, yes #
  • Heading to Harkers .. beer o clock #

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Twitter microposts for 2010-04-08

  • @cragnet no, got a proper letter, it appears she didn’t vote for or against … #
  • @cragnet the lists are out will retweet a link now #
  • RT @Documentally: Will be heading into the local Radio station to speak on Radio 5 Live at 11am. They want me to air my view on #Debill #
  • Kick Ass was great, very funny film, the characters are great , very enjoyable film. #
  • @conorfromorange interesting stat, I’m clearly not average then, I use on average 300mb per month #
  • @cowfish name and shame them.. #
  • @tom_watson @solobasssteve has a good idea, what can we do now, rather than waiting to the last minute.. obi wan? #
  • @munkimatt I think it highlights the difference between average & real power users..massive gap..could carriers better service power users? #
  • listening to Radio 5.discussing #debill #
  • @Documentally doing a cracking job of explaining what it’s all about on Radio 5..nice work! #
  • @solobasssteve yeah…you got on Radio 5…nice work! #
  • @PiratePartyUK the musician is @solobasssteve talking a lot of sense #
  • @vicderbyshire it’s a disgrace, watched the debate, wrote to MP 3 times, #debill still went through, voted for by people who have no clue! #
  • @katedavis get the HTC Desire instead, hero on steriods, better screen, camera, battery and Android 2.1 already. #
  • @stiplady they do a lot of standing on door stops collecting money from each house, a lot of gossip is exchanged then #
  • Not convinced that’s multitasking, 7 api’s. #
  • @rickwray so is it really multitasking then? #
  • @cragnet don’t know for sure, following engadget #
  • @simon180 LOL #
  • RT @Ew4n Is “multitasking” becoming the new “unlimited”? ๐Ÿ˜€ #
  • booked another weekend with the family at Compton Pool later in the year #

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My 3rd email to my MP #debill

To the Office of Christine Russell MP
I watched the #debill debate on BBC Parliament for several hours, I saw Christine Russell dip in and out of the debate, I can’t recall any points being raised though, maybe I missed it.
The reason for the email is An Open Letter to Siรดn Simon, Pete Wishart, David Lammy, Peter Luff, John Robertson, Stephen Timms.
@Tom_Watson tweeted the link to @sionsimon this morning suggesting he read it asap.
#debill is the hash tag used on twitter for tweets on the bill there’s been over 100,000 and it’s ‘trending’ as a most discussed topic.
Rob Evans