Twitter microposts for 2010-04-10

  • My conservative candidate wrote “Online piracy is a rapidly growing problem for our creative industries” could have guessed that outcome #
  • @juliankimmings that’s illegal now though 😉 #
  • my HTC Hero has been given to the wife to try, replacing her trusty N95-1, Android so far has been testing for her, the freedom is new #
  • @juliankimmings it’s a crazy messed up sh1t, that’s for sure, iPods had huge impact on music, now on dodgy ground legally thanks to #deact #
  • is now off to play in the Sun, 17 degress in the garden here in Chester already #
  • Stars Wars Trilogy turned up this morning, within 5 mins eldest (6) said is Darth Vader Luke’s Dad & Leia his sister?..took me years! #
  • @_AdamSaunders my wife went Nokia, SE, Blackberry (1 month) back to Nokia now Android, hope it lasts more than a month! #
  • @rossjones I’m feeling smug, I cut the grass last weekend… #
  • right…I was off…ttfn #
  • @cragnet ahem, yes #
  • Heading to Harkers .. beer o clock #

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