Twitter microposts for 2010-04-06

  • Today is the day to buy Joy Division Oven Gloves by Half Man Half Biscuit (iTunes) #save6music.. the wife and I just bought a copy each. #
  • Have written and got a reply from my MP re #debill, will write again linking to @jobsworth blog posts on the subject too #
  • #save6music more on why half Man Half Biscuit #
  • @barneyc Christine Russell, Chester two pages, file sharing is illegal, powers already in place (terrorism laws I guess) not very convincing #
  • blogged: my first email to my MP #debill #
  • blogged: My second email to my MP #debill #
  • Why I’m Returning My Apple iPad ($AAPL) via Social Times #
  • Just bought the Guardian, anti #debill advert is quarter of a page, pro #debill advert is an entire page #
  • A photo of the Anti #debill advert #
  • A photo of the pro #debill advert #
  • A close up of who is behind the pro #debill advert #
  • #debill in the letters section of the Guardian #
  • @brindy @solobasssteve just twitpic’d’s the “creative coalition campaign” BECTU, Equity, Musicians Union, Unite Union and Writers Guild #
  • the people behind today’s pro #debill advert #
  • the CCC ask people to write to support the bill, just asked the office of my MP if any one has written to support it. #
  • @sammachin it says “The coalition is chaired by Christine Payne, General Secretary of Equity.” and logo’s of other ‘unions’ #
  • MP’s office confirms people have written in support of the #debill #
  • #debill up now, live on BBC parliament #
  • Ben Bradshaw trying to push it through wash up #
  • Tom Watson raises the 20k emails and paper adverts #
  • Brian Binley MP, not only isp’s have to police it, but pay too #debill #
  • Just spotted my MP, she’s just crept in, wasn’t there 5 mins ago #
  • @andypiper it’s a warranty replacement less than 12 months old, can’t be repaired so has to be replaced, were you prepared to pay Apple? #
  • So MP’s band MP4 plays copyright material, and they smile and chuckle #
  • @rossjones yes can be revisited after election, but a chance will take long time #
  • @cragnet sometimes happens, just put it into the background and leave it, a pain if you need app urgently, but works #
  • @solobasssteve try that has a record of who voted how many times and other good facts #

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