My second email to my MP #debill

To the office of Christine Russell MP,

Hello Anna,

I received my letter from Christine Russell MP, but I think it show’s that the concept of stealing digital media is miss-understood and that the bill focuses on protecting the “rightsholder”, which is wrong.

Can I also point out ‘file sharing’ isn’t illegal, many corporations use it to distribute large software updates for example.

So, I’d like to point out a couple of great blog posts, which explain more eloquently than I can the real issue at hand.

If you’ve already read them, then I apologise for duplication.

To quote JP Rangaswami

Think about this. If internet copying was really stealing, then there would be an active disincentive to produce digital works. Yet, in the apparent heyday of internet copying, every form of digital publishing is on the rise. There are more books being written and published, more films made, more albums released. Why would this be?

If you have time to read just one, (this is taken very seriously so a lot of detail and work has gone into these posts, written by people who don’t just to this as a ‘job’ but passionately care..) then read this one…

Link to JP’s blog Post:

a comment on the above post from Drew Buddie;

Another powerfully written piece which cements still further in my head just HOW WRONG this bill is. Every MP in the country should be made to read your recent posts before voting on this abomination of a bill. If the bill comes in I will no longer purchase ANY items it covers, preferring to do without and spend my hard earned on other things instead.

Other to read that also convey the same message..the UK is being compared to countries like China.

Link to JP’s blog post:

Link to Question Copyright:

Link to Derek Bryant’s post:

And Kevin Marks post:

One MP has already publicly opposed the bill, Dr Evan Harris of the Lib Dems, a twitter user so some understanding of digital media and modern day Digital Britain (@DrEvanHarris)

Thanks again for you time, I hope Christine represents her constituents and opposes the #debill too.

Dr Rob Evans.

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