Twitter microposts for 2010-04-05

  • At underwater street in Liverpool #
  • so Apple sold 300K iPads, I thought the hype machine had said it was 700K … the device needs a computer & iTunes to set up, that’s crap #
  • @rossjones it’s the closed AOL, sorry apple world that I don’t want. same reason I won’t buy a jesus phone. had a Nokia Internet tablet.cont #
  • @rossjones ..and did’t like it, diff to iPad, but not a fan of single use devices. #
  • @cragnet yep, my point is if a school buys 1 for each pupil it’s going to need to connect each one to a computer before they can be used #
  • no wonder Steve Jobs always looks so smug, he came up with a plan based on gulibility 13 years ago and we’re still falling for it today #
  • @BenedictEvans I don’t disagree, what SJ did business wise was awesome, but we fall 4 the pricing model, same upgrade model time after time #
  • @Ratkat an android device would work ok without a Google account, an exchange account would work for most things, mail, cal, contacts #
  • @Ratkat @frontieruk @robevans I’m more interested in how I can control a devices, rather someone else #
  • @Ratkat ok fair point, but you could have a gmail account just to take advantage of those services but not rely solely on Google #
  • @gerrymoth thinking same for Twitter feed remove all mentions of iPad until hype dies down #
  • @frontieruk @robevans @Ratkat you do not own an iPhone you merely rent it. #
  • @frontieruk @Ratkat they have a plan to fix the segmentation, key app updates via the app market, simple. #
  • @simon180 so will iPhone 4.0 get all the suspected updates in one go, front facing camera, multi-tasking, new processor? #

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