Twitter microposts for 2010-03-27

  • Off to Cardiff bay today, Techniquest and the water taxi to the Custom house for a late lunch #
  • According to todays geo location I need to put the phone down and start swimming #
  • Hearing the HTC desire is starting to hit stores, just need to figure out if I want the nexus one (quicker upgrades) or the desire? #
  • @phil0446 yeah optical is better you got yours yet? #
  • @sammachin you can turn sense off and just use vanilla android, but would a nexus Rom get updates quickly too? #
  • @Ratkat exactly, I have a hero still on 1.5 now, which is reason why #
  • @sammachin i’ll do a bit more research online before pulling the trigger, but let us know if it works #
  • @phil0446 yeah, that’s ages for us instant gratification people, but will be worth the wait I’m sure #

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