Twitter microposts for 2010-03-25

  • @Whatleydude Adam Greenfields (remember him) book Everyware is great look at IoTs #
  • @cragnet I woudn’t mind 20 miles for ‘privacy’ but I’m about 120 miles out.. not a big deal though #
  • my letter is in from my MP “thank you for your email….one of a number from ’38 Degrees’ ..mentioned comments in my email so she read it. #
  • @barneyc I got my MiFi for free from 3UK, haggled like crazy when my dongle contract ended..9 bucks a month for 3gb and a free MiFi 😉 #
  • just realised you can log into gmail with any of your associated email address and your password..interesting.. #
  • @simon180 I think they have to respond to everyone though, it’s two pages long and shows some grasp of the situation #
  • @sevendotzero yes..normaly, but you know what I do for a living 😉 #
  • @sevendotzero yes, interesting look into what the future may look like, lot’s of oppurtunities and you can see how Telco’s are well placed #
  • tonight I’ll mostly be packing…packing fun stuff..weekend fast approaching.. #

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