Twitter microposts for 2010-03-22

  • anyone recommend a fast t-shirt printing service? save #6music #
  • @barneyc agree, based on feedback lists is the way to go, second ID got a major thumbs down #
  • how much of what Gordon said at #bbdf #digitialbritain did he understand?..if the current #debill goes through – government isn’t joined up #
  • @mikebutcher no detail as I think they don’t understand it, there is people that do, but leaders don’t get it – so can’t get message across. #
  • @adonisdemon how does he stop picassa, it’s on the web right?..#walledgarden #lawyerswithsharkteeth #openweb #
  • @mikebutcher a bit of an inflammatory statement there Mike, I’d cool down for 5 mins first. #
  • @barneyc yep, shocking response..almost childish in it’s approach. #
  • @daveverwer I haven’t bothered with it, didn’t enjoy last one that much, better stuff out there, all thanks to #spotify #
  • @barneyc +1 don’t read it anymore, so agree too many poor stories, shame, but there’s plenty of places to get news these days #
  • @barneyc big fish small ponds syndrome #
  • @daveverwer cool, check out two door cinema club, need to build a better playlist for sharing as good sharing from within #spotify today. #
  • @mikebutcher we don’t disagree with that principle, we disagree with “whoever…is about to regret it”..that’s a bit OTT #
  • @mikebutcher yep, huge irony, i worry this is lip service to the digital economy and there’s still a lack of understanding, that confirms it #
  • @bobberridge awesome list ..need to build my own..ta! #
  • looking to pick up an Iomega Iconnect, not out till 29th, so will have to cage my “must have it now” feeling till then.. #
  • can’t get to to adjust a list..but updates via tools all ok..strange #
  • Writing list of surf kit needed for the weekend, first trip of year. Fingers crossed Morgs’ feeling more like a surfer dude by then #
  • Free trips for MP’s on BBC1, lobbying power, breaking more rules kills what trust was left.. #mpfail #
  • We send the UN to corrupt governments, maybe they should come here, expense fraud, lobbying fraud, now oversea visit fraud, massive #fail #
  • RT @lilyroseallen Oh dear. Naughty MP’s . (again) #

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