Twitter microposts for 2010-03-17

  • @simon180 check out Delphic-Acolyte, The Whip- X Marks Destination, Two Door Cinema Club-Tourist History, or The Low Anthem for more chilled #
  • @cragnet yep was good, looking forward to see the N900 next time! #
  • @simon180 anything you’d listen to again?…two door cinema club is my current fav, but The Whip was last weeks fav great album #
  • @charlesarthur my MP responded via a letter (ironic) they just don’t understand the new economy, so I don’t hold any hope they will stop it #
  • HTC Hero sim-free handsets to get the 2.1 update on 2nd April, with T-Mobile UK/Germany and Orange updates on 16/4/10 #
  • Watching the footie #
  • @phil0446 how did you do it, in a shop or online? When I looked still no sign, or have you chosen a different network? #
  • @phil0446 ah ok, O just quoted 125 as an upgrade, will call them tomorrow #
  • @cragnet I had a couple of responses and 2/3 people complained as a result, but more people do need to complain for sure! #
  • writing blog posts again..have missed media for niche communities within the enterprise #
  • @my3G didn’t know that a UK law firm was already sending out extortion letters, wow. #

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