Twitter microposts for 2010-03-16

  • @cragnet @simon180 cool, see you later #
  • @stewartbaines so you think people put the tags in so people point them out and say “look how clever” then? #
  • @barneyc there are worse, hotels often are poor, but if you’re in a Starbucks and tell them their wi-fi is down, they just stare at you #
  • @barneyc I get a great response from @htc, so maybe they are just busy..if you do a search on HTC, you should see the replies they get! #
  • RT @AAS: Nokia Conversations release “Design by Community” – that’s a tag often added when a product is poor #fail #
  • @barneyc sounds like you’re pretty miffed with them then..I have a different story with them, I’ll mention you to my contact #
  • @bryns as the mayor of Harkers will you be putting in an appearance at GeekUp tonight? ps..I want the mayorship back 🙂 #
  • will be nagging all the Geeks to email their (our) MP don’t rush this crap through!! #
  • got a response from the office of MP inside of two minutes about the digital bill…surprise! #
  • @bryns yeah..they asked for my address to send me a letter, so I said no, use email we live in a different world now..yes the irony. #
  • @simon180 yes 😦 would prefer to be the mayor of Harkers, but @bryns is obviously more of a heavy drinker than I am 😉 #
  • @cragnet @simon180 i’ll be there 8.30ish, look for all the iPhones on the table #
  • @stewartbaines you missed the point, it was adding hash tags into emails, to make it easier to find stuff in the future #
  • Wife is running late, so I’m running late! #
  • @cragnet @bryns @simon180 hoping the geek up gang are still down harkers, I should be there in 15 mins #

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