Twitter microposts for 2010-03-15

  • @sevendotzero yes, always have a back up plan on way out, but yes, life’s easier if they loose it on the return journey! #
  • @Ioan_Said fair point, I fly again end of the month, will use a low-cost airline this time, like you said you can do without the stress #
  • @rossjones HSDPA often called 3.5G so upto 7Mbps if I recall correctly #
  • @rossjones good, I’ve a Hero too, we can compare twitter apps on Tuesday #
  • @simon180 @bobberridge is said video going to be posted on line, we’re all really nosey! #
  • RT @simon180: Reminder: GeekUp Chester: Tomorrow 6:30PM at Old Harkers Arms, 1 Russell Street, Chester CH3 5AL #
  • does anyone put extra hashtags or keywords into emails to help search later on? #
  • @brindy ah, I’m stuck with Outlook, have a Copernic based desktop search, but Keywords/tags in the bottom of an email would help …cool! #
  • The most colourful notebooks ever, Pantone notebooks are now in stock at The Paperie – I had to get an Orange one! #
  • @simon180 yes, but won’t be able to get there till 8.30ish..wife is out beforehand #
  • @jezlyn yeah got to look for something searching by account name or product throws out too much need a way to pin point stuff quicker #
  • having to use the web, as tweetdeck seems to be having it the SXSW affect? #
  • @simon180 Thanks!..see you tomorrow then! #
  • @brindy checking it out now, but oauth to twitter failed, still think it’s SXSW having it’s annual impact #
  • deleting my Dopplr account, it’s been replaced by TripIt, and with no new development I don’t feel guilty #
  • @bryns yeah the annual report was great, the average speed was fun, but since selling to Nokia it’s just stopped #

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