Twitter microposts for 2010-03-13

  • @NickKeir it was good, did learn some new things, but glad to be home, will take days to catch up on email though..catch up Monday #
  • @thewelsh1 the HTC flavour keyboard is much better #
  • @thewelsh1 I’m looking to get the HTC desire, which is the nexus one, but running HTC sense on top of android 2.1, on Orange of course 😉 #
  • @thewelsh1 can’t remember which one the legend is, but sense is probably not a massive leap over raw android, but if sense used first then + #
  • Just had a call from BA, my lost case is back in Manchester and will be dropped off this afternoon, thanks BA for keeping me informed! #
  • New TM Lewin catalogue just turned up, much improved over previous versions, had to check as lost case had 7 Lewin shirts in it #
  • @Ioan_Said why not? A bad experience? #
  • @stephenwing @thewelsh1 yes the legend is the new hero, sleek aluminum body looks nice, but desire wins on 1ghz processor #
  • @stephenwing what’s the trick then? Other than have an OS 10 times better than blackberry #
  • @stephenwing yes #
  • @stephenwing ah, took that for granted didn’t know crapberries didn’t do that, conforms my view of them then. #
  • Gonna give foursquare another go, came close to deleting my id, but Android app is much improved #

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