Twitter microposts for 2010-03-09

  • @jamesbody Didn’t spot any, will look harder when go back through on Friday #
  • @jamesbody Will do 🙂 #
  • @phil0446 Gracias! It’s as cold here as the UK, was hoping for slightly warmer weather..maybe manjana! #
  • chatting to people on the course, one person has a problem with bloggers, will try and catch up with her for a chat later #
  • Also a guy in the API team, will try and see what the issue he mentioned are..sounds interesting #
  • @sevendotzero If billing and inventory is stron enough u should be able 2 take on the work for others, I wish other telco’s would understand #
  • Having difficulty ready the screen in this thing called ‘bright sunlight’ #

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