Twitter microposts for 2010-02-24

  • Listening to school of seven bells on train on way home, the book being read is Daemon #
  • @bryns have a feeling we were both on same train out of London, spotted you in the taxi queue as the cab I was in pulled away. #
  • Home, cup of tea, pizza in oven, football on tv. #
  • @simon180 how often you down in Slough? Any more trips planned? Travel is boring for sure. Quality of Hotel is key #
  • @bryns yeah, will tweet more train details next time, so can catch up, would make trip less boring #
  • @simon180 yes, it’s a slow train out or Windsor, quicker train from Slough just 20 mins to paddington. #
  • @simon180 nice more freedom, off to Dublin in a week or so, great city, Madrid, Barcelona and Madrid again is rough plan for next few weeks #
  • @simon180 do you want to swap! I’m looking forward to the new body scanners at Manc airport, don’t think i’ll be asked to sign the print #

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