Twitter microposts for 2010-02-09

  • @conn1231 I haven’t got it but it’s been enabled on my daughters gmail account..will have to take a look at it later #
  • @juliankimmings congrats!. #
  • @conn1231 yep, maybe most recent accounts getting it first for a change..eldest’s account isn’t that old 1/2 years. #
  • Buzz shows up on my google Profile, it’s showing latitude ‘shouts’, but still not in gmail.. #
  • @sammachin looks like it, on my profile, there’s a buzz tab & the update is my one and only latitude shout #
  • my missing apps still aren’t showing up, just fired @htc an email for any advice. #
  • @sammachin you’ve tried in Google maps then latitude on there right? #
  • @sammachin yes should see shout out, unless they intend to phase out with Buzz. coming, in latitude I see two tabs, friends and updates #
  • @ElvisisDead77 I haven’t got it on my Hero yet #
  • @sammachin ah hence no latitude shouts #

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