Twitter microposts for 2010-02-04

  • cool, my #SeeSaw invite came through, will give it a whirl this evening #
  • RT @coolsmartphone: Orange HTC Hero ROM Upgrade appears online: OK, unless our eyes are deceiving us it appears… #
  • updated #HTC #Hero’s Orange firmware to version, still firmware version 1.5, so minor updates only #
  • one improvement to the new firmware for the Orange HTC Hero, is more free memory, 135mb free after installing my apps, compared to 85mb b4 #
  • mum just told me her accelerator stuck 4 times on her Toyota..yikes..she’s talking to the dealer tomorrow #recall #
  • I’ve lost 2 paid apps from the Android market after the firmware upgrade, no idea why. Bought another app and they didn’t #
  • sms from brother, he’s in Macie’s in New York, 50% off TNF gear, do I want anything.. said no you can have too much fleece #
  • @cragnet my Hero had an upgrade today, it was very minor though, still waiting for 2.1 #
  • @cragnet yep probably the reason, not the end of the world #
  • @htc I bought twidroid pro and it’s gone, not in search or same author, it’s vanished, taskiller pro has gone same way, not in my apps 😦 #
  • Tweetcaster is a car crash of design, paid for pro and got a refund, horrific, so far seesmic has been most returned to Twitter app #
  • @mario twicca is the one I want to try but it needs 1.6, hero is still 1.5 #
  • @dave_evans not taking the bait, Android is for geeks #
  • @cragnet too cluttered, too many silly icons, stupid voice bubble style, poor use of space on front screen, just shocking #

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