Twitter microposts for 2010-02-03

  • looking for to (hopefully) watching Spurs thump the (ahem) mighty leeaaddss ( I think that’s how Yorkshire man say it) later on #
  • my questions to is have they actually thought through the “telephone tax” properly..50p on all circuits #
  • the “telephone tax” will in it’s current form more than likely have a wider impact than they imagined. #
  • @bryns yep the copyright cutoff is a joke, I signed the e-petition on that one..crazy stuff…Mandy is looking more and more like a fool #
  • watching Mandy on the TV saying he hopes to keep Cadbury’s job’s in the UK, he’s so niave. shareholder will win, #
  • RT @bryns: @robevans that and leaving it to Offcom to decide the necessary level of proof seems a cop-out and a bypass of the legal system. #
  • @bryns on. #
  • @solobasssteve TFL is going to get a huge stress test in 2012 , it can’t cope now, it certainly won’t cope then. #
  • @kencamp but won’t it be phone to pc only? Not handset to handset #
  • @kencamp I’m sure I read that today, but interesting development, maybe relationship with at&t straining and nexus one threat #
  • @ktneely @jezlyn I agree too, miss the conversations that you just do not get here, but I hear Jaiku is in terminal decline now #
  • The new BT ads look very cheap, but of course they do a 9.3bn pension deficit to deal with first up. #
  • Twidroid Pro un-installed, still too slow compared to Swift and too buggy still, nice to look at, but that’s not enough #
  • @geekaren thanks will take a look #
  • @dave_evans of course not, couldn’t live in Steve jobs closed world of him doing the thinking for me #
  • This Tweet for a free copy of tweetcaster is that the full version or the basic version? #

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