Twitter microposts for 2010-01-28

  • @juliankimmings how’s the fruity iPhone been fairing of late? still not great at home?..and what do you think of it? #
  • @altepper got any links to that story?..haveing listened to the odd ‘no agenda’ podcast, I’ve been a bit sceptical #
  • @altepper the WHO deny it was fake, so have they now changed their stance? #
  • @jonmulholland Apple haven’t been Geeky for years, they are a mass market company, the iPhone is the smartphone for non-geeks. #
  • any of the twitter desktop clients integrate with #Jaiku? thinking of getting back into a less poluted environment. #
  • a search of the Android market for #jaiku draws a blank..shame really, I blame google. #
  • @marcelalberts no use mail4exchange #
  • @marcelalberts works perfect for me, my e71 has been permanently on for the last 3 months and not missed a beat..that’s about 10,000 emails #
  • @marcelalberts not bothered about html, more interested in speed, plus RS in $49, M4E is $0, I guess for some pople roadsync is a great too. #

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