Twitter microposts for 2010-01-25

  • @gt_p @MickeyFin you could do this via you’re avatar already, have seen prototypes #
  • @gt_p @MickeyFin I will look up the company that pinged me and let them know you are interested #
  • @bryns yes.I keep waiting for the free beer at Harkers and it’s not happening! 🙂 #
  • @simon180 no, I’m still struggling to see value at the moment, but could C as @bryns says once venues start offering mayors stuff something #
  • @gt_p @MickeyFin ping this guy @petitesphrases, he was behind the presence avatars almost a year ago now. #
  • @bryns @simon180 I guess we need more users in Chester, I bet works well then in London …Gowalla also on scene too, LBS will be huge #
  • @simon180 after a few logins you become mayor, but it’s a game, keep the mayorship, venues could offer benefits to is a game. #

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