Twitter microposts for 2010-01-20

  • have received an invite from WOM for a Nokia Virtual event, tomorrow at 9.35, will be interesting, it’ll have to be quick only free till 10. #
  • @bensmithuk @barneyc was about to say the same.. wtf 17 steps! ..craziness!…would loose interest after 3. #
  • @xMichaelSFx nice, wish I could do the same, but too much on…should be interesting nonetheless, I might remove android logo if it’s good #
  • @barneyc @adonisdemon @bensmithuk clearly, the privacy consequences of rush 2 create more open platform hasn’t been thought through enough. #
  • @xMichaelSFx yes, I carry a Nokia E71 and an Android device, so photo is in Nokia HQ finland with android logo all fine. #
  • @barneyc there’s something so wrong with that, data privacy and all was the only Daily Mail headline I ever agreed with! #
  • @barneyc I agree…Daily Mail might not want to be a source you quote, but they had a story on it ages ago. #
  • just made a donation to Shelter Box via #
  • The Whip – X Marks Destination album of the month #
  • writing briefing notes to be used at Davos, eldest says you work for Darleks? , not that’s Davros #

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