Twitter microposts for 2009-11-24

  • eBay scammers wasted 5 days and they are still sending fake ebay and paypal emails, check message headers people! #
  • so my blackberry pearl is for sale again, back up on ebay, but with blocks on buyers this time around #
  • @saabfan thanks for the tip, tbh don’t like doing it on eBay. if only the scammers put as much effort into real business. #
  • @daveverwer good luck! #
  • @sweetmandarin congrats! #
  • @keef319 that’s what kills most phones not just hero, I set to 2g only when travelling, has huge impact #
  • Ok, so how do I add an Android logo to my pic? #
  • Ordered my sourdough culture earlier, gonna make some bread for Christmas, spending a fortune buying sourdough bread figured I could make it #

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