Twitter microposts for 2009-11-01

  • Soft play this morning, the free wi-fi aint working so using my mi-fi, sold the N800 yesterday too. need to wipe a BB pearl and ebay that #
  • can you just wipe a blackberry, the email auth is attached to the imei isn’t it, ie the phone, the email setup needs to wiped too right? #
  • @barneyc 75 quid, thinking I might have under priced it, but I checked ebay to see what they were going for so I’m ok #
  • @primaryposition the blackberry is connected to a gmail account, I want to make sure that link is disconnected, can u do it on phone only? #
  • @primaryposition true, but not good enough, if accidentally changed back, then worried it’d start working again..not good. #
  • @primaryposition no, it’s sitting in a drawer and I’d like to shift it on ebay, so want to make sure no data is on or retrievalable from it #
  • carrying an android device is just like having a mini computer, there’s nothing you can’t do on it. #
  • heading over to google docs to update the packing list for next weekend’s trip to Compton Pool Farmhouse ( in Devon. #
  • @Gabeuk I’ve got a HTC Hero, small, quick, 5mp camera, good virtual keyboard, soon to get Eclair with HTC’s sense over the top, great device #
  • @Lokizilla thanks, I’ll do that, just need to find the account name and username and I’m there..cheers! #
  • going to check my box store for the N800 box and the BB pearl box..fingers crossed #
  • @keef319 what did you do to fix your probs and get performance like that? #
  • RT @ianbetteridge: If you’re into #GTD, I’ve put together a list of GTD’ers at #

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