Twitter microposts for 2009-10-12

  • having printer problems, so had online chat with Epson support, who emailed me the conversation transcript, great service! #
  • @ilicco are @xobni giving you plus for free?…they should do..I have removed auto suggest and it’s calmed down, just 1 crash in 24hrs #
  • @ilicco I had a quick look 4 the old version 2, couldn’t find it on the support pages, the old ver was gr8, got at least 3 coworkers on it. #
  • change my profile pic old one was from last year, not sure if this one will stay #
  • @phil0446 yeah i don’t do mean and menacing ..will change it any recommendations for a good media streamer your the whizz? #

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My 3UK MiFi has arrived

The courier dropped of a small package earlier this evening and my free upgrade from 3UK has turned up. It’s currently charging the 1500mAh battery contained within the smooth small white capsule.

You can see it’s smaller than both the Nokia handsets in the picture and come is the very fashionable white.

I’ve given it a whirl and connected my HTC Hero to it first time, no issues. The only thing I had to do was remove the pin code from the SIM, as there’s no way to enter the pin when you fire up the device.


So far all looks good, heading back down south later in the week for another stay over so will be giving the unit a work out then, tethering my hero, laptop and E71 to it, the only worry is the coverage. So first impressions are good, the lights are a little gimmicky but you can’t have everything.

Twitter microposts for 2009-10-10

  • My Google wave invite has arrived! #
  • coffee in hand, giving Wave a whirl! #
  • @barneyc is swift better than Twitdroid then ? #
  • My copy of win 7 should turn up soon, need to back the vista machine up soon then #
  • In the mean time it’s time to build some bunk beds with a pink den underneath it…back later #
  • While doing that will be thinking of what pc/Appletv/playstation combo to get iplayer and YouTube on to our flat screen telly. Any tips? #
  • @brindy that’s some set up, maybe need to think more strategically rather than tactical i.e. just buy and ending up with a mish mash, #

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Twitter microposts for 2009-10-09

  • @mobiledivide 3g & WiFi I get 18hrs, 3g 24 easy, 2g I’d get 2 days. That’s pretty constant use too #
  • @mobiledivide my E71 lasts longer, but not using it as much as I use the hero…the test for me is will it go a complete day and it does #
  • @Ratkat I use the hero far more than the E71, more surfing as the web is better, it’s a better experience, the social integration is great #
  • @xobni your latest release is very flaky, keep crashing my outlook, and the “you can use this email address if you had plus” is awful!! #
  • @xobni ok, will do, it’s so annoying, but otherwise it’s a good product that adds value. #
  • playing Abduction! World Attack on my Hero, so funny and addictive daren’t show it to the kids! #
  • RT @keef319 @htc 3rd time lucky I hope!! Please can u tell me, will the 1500mA/h battery in Sprint’s HTC Hero fit in the European #HTChero? #

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Twitter microposts for 2009-10-08

  • I’m at Orange Business HQ (Betjeman Place, Bath Road, Colnbrook with Poyle). #
  • @mobiledivide check the list of event sponsors #
  • @mobiledivide and see if there’s a Spanish company listed. #
  • Good to see the hero winning awards! #
  • hmm Facebook is having issues…can’t log in…”we have issues” message appears. #
  • @Whatleydude no retweet the link to your magic peice …please ! #

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Twitter microposts for 2009-10-07

  • RT @barneyc Playing with twitdroid, nice UI but no updates. Would love #gravity on #android though +1 #
  • I’m at Pizza Exptess (80 High Street, Slough, Slough). #
  • Playing with Foursquare not many known venues here in sunny Slough. #
  • Picked Wired mag a grander skinny decade latter and retiring to my hotel room #
  • RT @robevans Picked Wired mag a grander skinny decade latter and retiring to my hotel room – must look at what I type that’s gibberish #
  • @lbretth didn’t offer functionality that Twitdroid did so switched back. Waiting to see what HTC does with donut update for the hero #

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Twitter microposts for 2009-10-05

  • Just ordered a MiFi from 3, and reduced my bill from 15 to 9.50 a month too for 3gb’s…ftw! #
  • listening to the new Editors Album via Spotify. thinking how or if it’s worth while shifting to Spotify only…ie bye bye iTunes #
  • @sevendotzero cool, I got it for free too, just tried canceling my usb dongle and they offered the MiFi for free ..snatched his hands off #
  • @sevendotzero yeah, somethimes I forget to take my work hat off, but it pays #
  • anyone managed to get Sherpa onto their android device?.. I can’t find the app in the market #
  • @smartphoneblog hmm..I’ve emailed them (geodelic) let’s see what they say #
  • I want an app so when I set up a meeting in outlook at the pre-defined time it calls me and and the other invitees and sets up the conf call #
  • @phil0446 yes, used to have one at IBM, but now need to use technology..we must have that somewhere in our org, will check yammer #
  • @smartphoneblog Sherpa is US only. 😦 no content outside of the US at the mo. #
  • @MattGordonSmith similar apps on Android they work a treat too., get the redline on the barcode and bing links to where you can buy it #
  • big helicopter buzzing #Chester right now…go away we’re trying to get the kids to bed!! #

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