Twitter microposts for 2009-10-20

  • Just had email from amazon win7 has shipped…will be a busy weekend sorting stuff out ready for the upgrade. #
  • @phil0446 that’s my intention, complete wipe and fresh install, it’ll be longer for sure, you heard something to suggest it’s a bad idea? #
  • RT @simon180: GeekUp Chester is TODAY at Old Harkers Arms, Chester. I’ll be there from around 7pm – who’s coming? #
  • Heading to Harkers, hope @simon180 and the Chester Geekup gang are still there #

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Twitter microposts for 2009-10-12

  • having printer problems, so had online chat with Epson support, who emailed me the conversation transcript, great service! #
  • @ilicco are @xobni giving you plus for free?…they should do..I have removed auto suggest and it’s calmed down, just 1 crash in 24hrs #
  • @ilicco I had a quick look 4 the old version 2, couldn’t find it on the support pages, the old ver was gr8, got at least 3 coworkers on it. #
  • change my profile pic old one was from last year, not sure if this one will stay #
  • @phil0446 yeah i don’t do mean and menacing ..will change it any recommendations for a good media streamer your the whizz? #

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My 3UK MiFi has arrived

The courier dropped of a small package earlier this evening and my free upgrade from 3UK has turned up. It’s currently charging the 1500mAh battery contained within the smooth small white capsule.

You can see it’s smaller than both the Nokia handsets in the picture and come is the very fashionable white.

I’ve given it a whirl and connected my HTC Hero to it first time, no issues. The only thing I had to do was remove the pin code from the SIM, as there’s no way to enter the pin when you fire up the device.


So far all looks good, heading back down south later in the week for another stay over so will be giving the unit a work out then, tethering my hero, laptop and E71 to it, the only worry is the coverage. So first impressions are good, the lights are a little gimmicky but you can’t have everything.