Twitter microposts for 2009-10-09

  • @mobiledivide 3g & WiFi I get 18hrs, 3g 24 easy, 2g I’d get 2 days. That’s pretty constant use too #
  • @mobiledivide my E71 lasts longer, but not using it as much as I use the hero…the test for me is will it go a complete day and it does #
  • @Ratkat I use the hero far more than the E71, more surfing as the web is better, it’s a better experience, the social integration is great #
  • @xobni your latest release is very flaky, keep crashing my outlook, and the “you can use this email address if you had plus” is awful!! #
  • @xobni ok, will do, it’s so annoying, but otherwise it’s a good product that adds value. #
  • playing Abduction! World Attack on my Hero, so funny and addictive daren’t show it to the kids! #
  • RT @keef319 @htc 3rd time lucky I hope!! Please can u tell me, will the 1500mA/h battery in Sprint’s HTC Hero fit in the European #HTChero? #

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