Twitter microposts for 2009-10-05

  • Just ordered a MiFi from 3, and reduced my bill from 15 to 9.50 a month too for 3gb’s…ftw! #
  • listening to the new Editors Album via Spotify. thinking how or if it’s worth while shifting to Spotify only…ie bye bye iTunes #
  • @sevendotzero cool, I got it for free too, just tried canceling my usb dongle and they offered the MiFi for free ..snatched his hands off #
  • @sevendotzero yeah, somethimes I forget to take my work hat off, but it pays #
  • anyone managed to get Sherpa onto their android device?.. I can’t find the app in the market #
  • @smartphoneblog hmm..I’ve emailed them (geodelic) let’s see what they say #
  • I want an app so when I set up a meeting in outlook at the pre-defined time it calls me and and the other invitees and sets up the conf call #
  • @phil0446 yes, used to have one at IBM, but now need to use technology..we must have that somewhere in our org, will check yammer #
  • @smartphoneblog Sherpa is US only. 😦 no content outside of the US at the mo. #
  • @MattGordonSmith similar apps on Android they work a treat too., get the redline on the barcode and bing links to where you can buy it #
  • big helicopter buzzing #Chester right now…go away we’re trying to get the kids to bed!! #

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