Intellisync on the E71 is unusable

I’ve been using my trusty E61i for a while now with intellisync running happily on it, but after I switched back to my N95 the E71 became spare so I dropped Intellisync onto it and thrust it into service instead of the E61i.

This turned into a bad move as it’s just so unusable, the device just reboots itself every couple of hours. You can watch it on the desk, during conference calls, the screen just goes blocky and then the Nokia boot up screen appears, a few seconds later the phone comes back.

The end came when the phone started to ring and it went bang and the Nokia logo screen appeared. That’s the final straw, any phone or smartphone has to work as a phone first and foremost. If it can’t work as a phone then forget it.

So the E71 has gone back in the basket and the E61i is back in service. I looking at the companies ActiveSync set up that some of the guys are using with their iPhones (in countries where we sell the iPhone) (BTW I heard there are 20,000 iPhones on the Orange network, an interesting stat if it’s true)

We know that Nokia is moving out of the corporate email market and focusing on the consumer market with it’s Nokia Email Service (which is built on Intellisync). But to just mess up the firmware of the E71 so badly that it won’t even work with the latest Intellisync client is a disaster. I know it’s not me too, other work colleagues are having the same issue.

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