Barbour provides an amazing service

A while back I bought a Barbour International Jacket, I had a Barbour years back and I out grew it, but it was bomb proof. So I had every faith that my new jacket would last equally as long.

But it didn’t work out like that, the stitching on the pocket started to come undone, not through any extreme use, but normal day to day use which was a tad disappointing.

But a check on the web and the jacket was covered by a 2 year warranty, so I dropped Barbour an email and Gill responded within 24 hours. Gill from Barbour sent out a large pack with prepaid postage for me to return the jacket to Barbour.

I packet the jacket up and sent it back and within a few days it came back all fixed and good as new, all at no cost to me and excellent service. So if you’re looking to pick up a jacket that is backed by great customer support then look no further than Barbour.

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