Linux is ready

I first used Linux several years back and it was a real struggle to use. You had to be a major league geek to get stuff working, installing software was a nightmare, even getting it on the net was a chore.

I set up a Linux box running Ubuntu 12 – 18 months back and it had come on leaps and bounds, it was easy to install and get onto the network, but it still had some major hang ups. In stalling software was still a chore, CHMOD and LS’ing around try to find stuff.

I’ve been running eebuntu on my eepc for the last couple of days and I’m extremely impressed, it took a couple of goes to get it installed but that was my fault not it, the USB stick i/o wasn’t fast enough.

The big test for me was installing new apps, so far I’ve managed to install a blogging tool, upgraded flash, installed Tweetdeck all without having to open a terminal window. That’s a huge leap forward, it makes Linux much more usable for the average person, much more of a product that could go mainstream.

I’m going to give this install a lot more time to see how it handles in the long term, but so far I’m over the moon.

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