Orange Business Live 09

Here’s some of the links to the content we created during Orange Business Live 09 in London, while I was there as one of the ‘bloggers’.
We had 26,500 visits to the site in just two days and gained 140 new followers on Twitter (2,700 in total), posted 39 Posterous articles and 9 full blog articles and recorded 25 lots of 3 min video’s for Orange TV interviewing various guests.
The Posterous site for more rough and ready posts is here –>
Our Twitter site is here –> (please follow us)
Our TV, site is here, yep..we’ve got a TV channel –>
The highlight for me was interviewing one of the top 4 economists in the world a regular on CNN, for Orange TV, I’d never done video interviews before so was an interesting experience, the actual video will be up soon ->
It was a great experience, Orange sure knows how to put on a conference, I got to meet Barbara and talk to some of the customers who were extremely happy working with us all, one of the key themes was partnership and the event ended on the note of “together we can do more”.

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