Crapberry replaced by N95

A while back the wife wanted to her replace her ageing Sony Ericsson with a new phone that could sync her calendar and get emails instantly. I wanted her to have a Nokia but she wasn’t bothered and the only device that could sync emails instantly and sync Google calendar without manual intervention was the Blackberry.

So she got a Blackberry Pearl,yes it syncs emails instantly but it also alerts you when you send email The sync of contacts from ZYB was a disaster and the menu system on it is just horrendous.

I have to confess that I’d never had a Blackberry and having try out every other Mobile Phone OS was keen to give the much vaunted Blackberry a whirl. I spent a considerable amount of time setting the device up and exploring the menu system. Once click and your into text only menu systems with no clear structure or clarity.

Well the device lasted about 3 months, we were travelling home when I received a text, whilst I was driving and the good wife was the passenger, she read the message to me. Whilst reading the message she explored the menu’s on my N95 8GB and declared that this was a proper phone and the crapberry had to go.

So the Crapberry has been replace with my old N95-1 which has been tweaked to a rather lady like theme and twinkly ring tone. I’ve asked Squemster to write a review of her experiences with the Blackberry. I know my experience with the device was horrendous I sure hope the latest devices have moved forward from the stinker that this the Blackberry Pearl.

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