59 trips to 17 cities

I had a nice email from Dopplr today, indicating that I’ve made 59 trips to 17 cities and emitted way too much CO2 in 2008. My last trip was one of the more eventful ones, plane out to Nice struck by lightening and both flights back delayed in think fog. My OneBag solution worked like a dream tough, being delayed into Schiphol meant I could swap flights easily without any checked-in luggage. I’m sure 2009 will involve as many if not more trips, with a couple of new cities being planned too, Warsaw in Poland being one.

Once again Truphone helped with calls home over wi-fi from Valbonne being cristal clear on my E71, Joikuspot on my E61i saving the day when none of the wireless networks would let me on at Nice Airport and Email via Nokia’s Intellisync meant I was constantly manage the 150 daily work emails I recieve.The right tools make being a digital nomad a painless experience and makes any space your office.

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