Twitter microposts for 2008-11-12

  • I have the day off today..Daughters 2nd birthday

    Sent from my Nokia E71 #

  • @topgold will look into it now..ta #
  • @gerrymoth LOL…yes…you’re post yesterday was amusing.. #
  • @topgold hi does it work for you now?..just re-inserted it #
  • Right 3 posts on the Nokia E63 and I’m off to do something else now..will play with the device see how it feels in day to day use #
  • Back from Pizza Express, opening the last of daughters presents ..her bike has been a real winner though. #
  • checking out but without the adverts ..nice #
  • @rafeblandford cheers for the links…stats showing big leap over last two days for obvious reasons #
  • @phoneboy &’s probably not even an E1(2mb) more like 256k in a lot of places..lots of telco’s caght out by mobile data #
  • @phoneboy @sevendotzero thats where the investment is right now ethernet to basestations so you can quickly jump 2 4 6 10mb backhaul.. #
  • @phoneboy @sevendotzero network is only as fast as the slowest point…stoping now before we move to the dumb pipe discussion #
  • @jabancroft but admit it it’s not a real multi-tasking 😉 #
  • @solobasssteve will do…enjoyed reading your boat to live on a boat… thanks! #
  • @jabancroft..just chiming in..Agree nice device..but it would have to be more flexible before I’d buy one #
  • @steverubel thanks for the power socket tweet ..spend ages hunting those down..cheers #
  • @jabancroft I’m sure the iPhone will develop if there’s a unix device under the covers it’s got the capability to do something really cool #
  • jabancroft..nice..I’m sure one day I bite the a pre production E63 on test right now..keyboard best ever #
  • ops @jabancroft missed the @ last post was a reply to you #

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