The E71 is the social media device of choice.

I was just reading Glen’s post on his belief that the E71 is the social media users dream. I’d have to agree with him, the keyboard makes messaging and replying on social media sites such as Twitter and Jaiku a breeze. I too had one of the loaner E71’s for the NokiaOpenLabs08 event, which was the second time I’d had the device. The three days or so with the device was enough to convince me that the E71 was the right device for me and I upgraded from my N95-1 to the E71 as soon as I could. I haven’t looked back, I spend most of my time, typing out messages or micro-blog posts and the QWERTY keyboard is a must. Having said that the E71 is a great device and I won’t be giving mine up for a long time, the E63 has an even better keyboard than the E71. It has a softer rubber feel to the keys which grip your fingers and finger nails better than the E71. The extra keys also mean it’s easier to insert brackets, the impact this has on the space bar, i.e. shrinking it is almost unnoticeable.

One thought on “The E71 is the social media device of choice.

  1. hi rob and thanks for the love… so to speak! Glad you like the E63.. looks sweet and I’m saving my pennies, or waiting for Nokia to come through.. hint!! Cheers.. oh, consider yourself on the Blogrol on AnyGeo!

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