Twitter microposts for 2008-11-08

  • now watching Milkshake with the girls..been up for nearly two turn for a lie in tomorrow. #
  • Off to Boarders to pick up some books..will see if they have throwing sheep, but I doubt it
    sent from my E71 #
  • sorting some email out, too many read items in the inbox..then the pub..horrible weather here so no firework show. #
  • @gerrymoth Glasgow is such a cool city..haven’t been for ages but always good fun #
  • @ricgalbraith wow your cranking through those words, it was 8k the other tastes better when you’ve achieved something #
  • @mitchellmckenna any linkedin apps you recommend?..I’ve got the tripit app..not sure what else is worth adding #
  • @dailytwitter wow.. how did they prevent it..will go look that up..a little shocked. #
  • @gerrymoth re friendview you ain’t missing much..I don’t think it’ll threatened either of the big two in it’s current form #
  • @mitchellmckenna yeah..good idea..will check that app out..cheers! #

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