Twitter microposts for 2008-11-06

  • @geekyouup i’m there too..just sent you a request #
  • @solobasssteve sounds like you need to buy some special boat shoes then..cheaper than a chiropractor #
  • off to see Mr Bond this evening, I wonder if the product placement has increased since the last film. #
  • @ricgalbraith yeah..I do feel as if they are a series of ads stiched around a thin plot…er is it a SE? I wonder how much they pay? #
  • @RussB it’s got potential for sure, plus it’s nice to see a cool app for nokia, geting envious of all the funky iPhone apps e.g. Brightkite #
  • @jamesbody I guess people don’t realise it actualy does that, plus I sure it’s quite a sight a landmark moving! #
  • @sevendotzero what didn’t you like?..i’d agree there’s more map than conversation..should be other way around #

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