Twitter microposts for 2008-10-20

  • @atmasphere wow..3 handsets..not a good start for the N96 then #
  • Just re-installed this has come on heaps since I last used it..excellent #
  • Anyone bought a working (inc charging) car fm transmitter for their 3G iPhone? have bought 2 as presents for a mate and neither work for him #
  • – Testing twitpic #
  • – Testing twitpic #
  • – Testing twitpic #
  • @solobasssteve have you been watching his TV program too? I missed last nights but it,s on the pvr #
  • Anyone help on the fm transmitter that works with the 3G iPhone..down pub with said mate #
  • @barneyc yeah still no native app though..wonder when will appear #
  • @Whatleydude why not? Not an iPhone or even close..but please expand #
  • @ssethi I’m starting to think that @stephenfry is making a bid to take over all forms of media don’t have a problem with that..may up the IQ #

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