A nice present from WOM World

it’s been yet another day with the phone glued to my ear today, when just 20 mins ago there was a surprise knock on the front door and there was the postman stood there with a special delivery envelope. Having photographer the said envelope (below) I proceed to find a gold envelope inside containing, some OVi Stickers, a Finland Key chain, a 1GB mem stick and the new Nokia add campaign paper for Nokia legends and a lovely postcard saying “thanks” and signed by the WOM world team. I can only say it’s a nice surprise and I’m like to say as I’ve said many times before the WOM world team do a great job!


One thought on “A nice present from WOM World

  1. Went to the Legends site the other day, it’s really cool. I love that they made and sent out an actual paper copy. It would be funny if the paper anachronistically had a 2d barcode on it somewhere.

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