You can recycle a Service

One thing that I found interesting during the Nokia Open Labs 08 event was that it was more about being connecting and living in that connected world, which was the most important thing. It wasn’t about forcing Nokia products into the conversation, it was much more interesting than that.

It’s about the connected eco system, Nokia are building upon the device and making services such as Ovi to make live easier, easier to share, easier to communicate, easier to locate.

The interesting aspect to this will be how Nokia’s business model evolves from appearing on the surface to be a device manufacturer, but to become an enabler of connectivity, through applications and services that make owning a Nokia handset only a small part of the transactions you have with them.

It became clearer to me during the green presentation that we had following on from the talk by Adam Greenfield, that we’re moving into an era when consumerism and the fragrant disregard given for the environment in the context of the constant upgrading of devices, will become unacceptable.

This obviously becomes a huge problem when society finally wakes up to the green debate and rebels. It can therefore only be a good thing, having a services and software business model supporting green devices rather than one built upon consumer greed.

Finally,  on a lighter note, I’d like to say a big thanks to the WOM team, Donna, Frank, Robbie and Rich.

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