Open Labs and Open People

I wrote this on the plane back from Nokia Open labs 08 in Helsinki, Finland;

It’s been an amazing 3 days, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again,  a big thanks to the WOM team for picking me to come along and for organizing an event fantastically well. They’d thought of every last detail, organizing cabs, giving us sim cards for Sonera, just amazing, thanks guys, a great job.

One of the highlights for me was the people that I met and I’m sure only got to know a little bit, but who I found to be really interesting, funny, informed and willing to have great conversations on a range of subjects.

I learnt some cool stuff from Nokia and the workshops, but have also learnt a lot from the conversations that took place outside the managed time slots with those people.  For example not being afraid to share ideas and to have people come back and challenge those ideas and help build a better and more informed view on a subject.

I’m looking forward to continuing those conversations here, on Twitter, Jaiku and hopefully face to face more regularly than it’s been so far.


One thought on “Open Labs and Open People

  1. Hi Rob, was a total pleasure to meet you. As you say, it was all about the fascinating people and the willingness to share. Was a great chatting with you.

    Very much looking forward to the ongoing conversation, and hopefully seeing you in London soon at some geek-event or other! 🙂



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