Nokia Open Labs

I’ve just finished packing for tomorrows trip to Finland and Nokia’s Open Labs event. We’re all staying in the same Hotel in Helsinki, which looks very nice indeed.

I’ve also finished packing my kit too, I’m taking my Asus Eeepc 900 as my blogging machine to keep the weight down, the N800 is coming too, as is my N95, E61i and the WoM E71 as well, I think that should cover all blogging needs.

I’ll be using my truphone number whilst out there, so I can witch between phones and still receive calls on the right handset.

I’ll be microblogging on Jaiku too and the odd twitter too I’m sure, so keep reading as I spend the next couple of days in Helsinki, Finland. First up is a 7.30am flight from Manchester to Helsinki..

Leaving on a jet plane…….back soon.


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