Truphone in Tintern

Following on from my last Truphone post, which resulted in an a few direct twitter messages, an email from Karl at Truphone and a call from  James Body himself, I’ve dropped them an email as a result.

I’ve got another Truphone saves the day story from our recent friends wedding. This time we were in Tintern, South Wales a very green and hilly place, as a result you guessed it no cellphone coverage.

The wedding was a no kids event, so like a few of our pals, during a lull in proceeding we were keen to find out if all was well back with our respective parents who had kindly volunteered (ahem) to be baby sitters.

So I asked reception for the WPA code, which resulted in stunned look followed by the presentation of a small piece of pre-printed paper with the WPA code on it. Two seconds later, I was able to dial my mum who was looking after our two girls back in Cardiff. So Truphone saved us once again this time the cost of a national call on a hotel phone, probably a few quid.

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