Another great holiday at Compton Pool

I can safely blog our vacation now as we’re booked back in for next year, yep almost a year in advance.

The award winning Compton Pool was a spotless as ever and there’s a new reception building with a flat screen pulling data feeds on tide times and weather into a customer compton pool page, very nice. The only thing I hope they fix for next year is the wi-fi in the cottage we’re in, so that’s 12 months notice John, it worked great down at the reception building though.

The girls had the treat of feeding the pigs and goats their leftover apple stumps and crusts each morning followed by a quick spring on the trampoline before leaving for the beach. So if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Devon that’s a cut above the rest, look no further than Compton Pool.

There’s quality TV’s and Bose Hi-Fi’s in the cottages and I was able to hook up my N95 to the flat screen play some Editors through the TV’s speakers while the pictures we’d taken that day scrolled past in a slideshow, very pleasing.

Just as we left John had been selected as an extra in the new Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland that’s being filmed in Devon too…break a leg John!

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